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Amtrak Stops Stop Here and There
Traveling Amtrak and enjoy working via Wifi
Azure Experts
Expert Advice and Articles on Azure (SQL Cloud)
Bay Area Open Mics
Bay Area Sightseeing
Sharing 35 years of destinations
Casino Vacation Reports
This will be fun covering CA, NV, WA and OR
Cell Phone Index
We've got the contacts for inside information
Cool Tech Products
As the name goes - cool we want to know
Craigslist Rewired
Making the CL Experience better
Domains Explained
Mail, web, DNS, Hosting Tips and Techniques
Hire Pete
Microsoft Custom Programming Services
Livermore Wine Country
Clean directory of Livermore Wineries
Napa Valley Winery - Best of Napa Valley
Another clean directory by yours truly
Napa Valley Wine Train
Another clean directory linked to our winery list
SQL Edu - Get The Tips
Examples, training, providers and examples
Visual Studio Controls
A clean and clear directory of controls


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