Seeking Products

We run this near endless weekly garage sale that's accross the from the Antioch Fairgrounds.  We are seeking surplus items, closeouts and blow out sale items.

We are seeking new and used 
but want new boxed or items that come from reliable sources in good condition.

Items that sell well for us

  • Electronics - Flat Screens, Laptops, Smart Phones, Phones
  • Computers - Windows Vista or better, Dual Core or better 
  • Printers - we turn a lot of printers but toner/ink to the front of the line - empty unit may be turned away
  • Tools - they always work - boxed or used 
  • Furniture - Couches, Beds, Chairs and Dining Room Table 
  • Bath Accessories 
  • Construction Supplies - we can hold samples but you may need to inventory - we don't have that much space 
  • Lights, Lamps and Lighting 

  • Clothing - jeans, pants, shirts, dresses and blouses 
  • Kids Clothing - all sizes 
  • Shoes, Sneakers and sandals 
We take returns from Home Depot, Best Buy, and several major retailers.  We liquidate products from plumbing supply, tile manufacturers and companies that do hotel/motel turnarounds.  

We have truck and trailer ready to roll 


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